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As you all know that the web browser is a very useful tool for their users to complete their daily base tasks, but there are still some weak loopholes for attacks. Puffin Web Browser is a highly recommended and secure browser that serves better from viruses attack. It gives you high internet browsing speed to complete your work in a timely manner with safety and securely. It offers to shift the workload from your device to their cloud servers, which will make web pages to run extremely fast on your devices. If you want a faster web browser in your daily routine then you must have to download Puffin Web Browser for PC.

If you want to play any adobe flash player content Puffin Web Browser provides the adobe flash player because in most of the web browser Adobe player is disabled because of security issues. You can play different games using the adobe flash player. Another feature of this browser is the availability of a virtual trackpad, gamepad and on-screen keyboard functions. When you are browsing different pages through Puffin Web Browser it will reflect the Cloud Server’s IP Address instead of your PC IP Address. If you really want to know how it works, then keep reading.



Puffin Web Browser is usually used for mobile devices. It offers its users to use cloud storage with a capacity of up to 1 GB. The Puffin web browser allows its users to use compression technology to save up to 90% bandwidth usage.

Puffin web browser launched in 2010 by CLOUDMUSA an American mobile technology company established by Shioupyn shen. The basic aim of the company to provide its users fastest and better web browser with a fully secured system that provides privacy to the user. After launching, it received round about 50 million users on Android and 100 million on WINDOWS and IOS from worldwide.

Here below, I am going to discuss its super cool features.

Super cool features of Puffin Web Browser for PC

Adobe flash player

This is an amazing feature of Puffin Web Browser, it allows its users to run flash video files from your browser it gives you amazing results over previous versions. This feature is more effective for a web developer and also for those who enjoy pages like YouTube.

Most secure Web Browser

It keeps its users secure from every side before showing a mirror of a web site. Puffin gives you ultimate security where no one will harm your device and also keeps you protective and secure from the web threats.



It gives you high speed with top-rated VPN like Express VPN. No one can compete with the speed of ExpressVPN. It’s very great for streaming and downloads using torrents.

Unlimited browsing time

Puffin Web Browser can give you cloud computing power to do everything better and fast. Most of the web browsers provide you limited computing power to locate web pages where the Puffin web browser by using cloud computing services upload your pages with more speed.

Excellent Browsing

It gives you excellent Browsing performance with its cloud engine. Virtualization comes handy in the Puffin web browser to access any website in the world.

Avoid threats

With the use of the Puffin Web browser, as soon as you are out of this application, your TCP/UDP connections will be destroyed in the servers. When there is no traceback then you are isolated from the potential threats on the web.

Color Theme

It offers a different color theme for the toolbar and the sidebar.

Auto clean browsing activity

It cleans your daily browsing activity like history, cookies, caches, and log in through the incognito browsing mode.

You can easily download this application free of cost for your Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Puffin browser is available for Windows and IOS operating systems. If you want to know more about it and also want to know how to download Puffin Web Browser for PC, simply continue reading.

How to download Puffin Web Browser For PC

Here, I will guide you step by step how to download Puffin Web Browser for PC.

First, you need to install an Android emulator for downloading the Puffin Web Browser. There are a lot of Android emulators that you can use for downloading the apps. But I will suggest you, download the BlueStacks emulator for downloading the apps and browsers. It works faster and keeps your device safe from all viruses. Let me tell you how to download BlueStacks for PC.

How to download BlueStacks for PC

Just follow the few easy steps for downloading the BlueStacks.

You are required to download an Android emulator by clicking on the mentioned link”BlueStacks” or you can also download it from “” website.

Downloading BlueStacks


After click on the link mentioned above, it will take you to the site of this emulator from where you can easily download the BlueStacks. You just click on the “Download” button which shows you on screen. Then it will start the downloading process.

Completing the download process

Within a few seconds, the downloading process will complete. Then it will take you another window where it will ask your Gmail account or password to run the application properly. After successfully completing all processes it will take you the google play store. From there you can easily download your Puffin Web browser for PC.

How to download Puffin Web Browser for PC

Now after successfully installing BlueStacks on your PC, you are free to download Puffin Web Browser for PC. Just write the name of the browser in the search bar. Then you can easily find the app icon, click on that icon for installation.

Install the Puffin Web Browser for PC


After clicking the Browser icon, it will open the app in the windows of your PC. It shows you the green color “install” button, click on that for installation of the Browser. This will take a few seconds for installation.

Locate the application

You will locate the app on your desktop main screen, or you will locate it on the main page of the emulator from where you installed the app. Now just open the app and enjoy it.

The most common question asked about Puffin Browser issues 

How to clear puffin caches and cookies in the Puffin browser?

Clearing Cache and cookies in Puffin Browser requires a few steps. I will guide you on how to follow these steps;

  • Click on the right-hand side app.
  • Scroll it down on clearing browsing data.
  • First, have a look at your cache, images thumbnails, cookies before clicking on the clear button.
  • Then just click on the clear button which shows you on-screen and this will clear all cookies and cache.

How to clear browsing history in Puffin Browser?

You should have to follow the above steps which I already told in previous steps. First have a look at all selected items which you are going to delete. Then click on clear history and you are done with clearing history.

How to use  Private browsing mode?

Private browsing mode is known as “incognito mode” which you can easily find at the top right side. Just by one click you will open the ” new incognito tab. Its very simple to use.


Puffin Browser won’t connect

Puffin Browser is blocked in various countries like China, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and all those countries that follow highly internet censorship. If you are living in any of this country then you won’t be able to use this app.

How to set Puffin as default Browser?

Here is the procedure to set Puffin as a default Browser.

  • First of all, open the Puffin Browser app.
  • Go to the settings > app > Default app.
  • Then scroll down to browser option.
  • Then select the Puffin Browser as your default browser.


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