How to install Yolo Browser for PC/MAC/WINDOWS 7, 8, 10


When we talk about choosing the right option for internet browsing there are multiple key factors we need to take care of. Security is the prime factor for our device protection and still be able to download the content of our choice. Keeping all this in mind, Yolo Browser was introduced to the Android and Windows users. It is a very lightweight web browser among all web browsers who offer you a fast speed for browsing and streaming. Yolo Browser is a more reliable and efficient web browser to its users where users get themselves more protected and safe from all malicious threats and attacks. Every time you download any file from the internet, it will scan your downloaded file to protect your device from any malware and notify if you accidentally jump to any fraudulent website. If you want to use this browser, you must have to learn how to install Yolo Browser for PC.

Yolo Browser is designed with the philosophy of “Make Things Better”. It offers to cut down the data usage by disabling photo display feature in browsing enabling to save up to 50% of the data and enhance performance up to 200%. With a single web browser you can enjoy more data speed, low data usage, and security to the fullest. Yolo browser usually works for Android users but you can also use Yolo Browser for PC/WINDOWS.

Before moving further it would be good for you to know about its amazing features which are discussed below.

Amazing features of Yolo Browser for PC


User interface


The elegant yet simple design makes it look best for browsing. You can even add your own personalized styles of your liking.

Save your data

The best feature that comes handy with this web browser is the capacity to save a data package plan. If you are running short of data and still have a lot of browsing to do to meet your work requirement, Yolo Browser will fulfill your desires, It will cut down the data usage by disabling extra features that consume more bandwidth and ultimately when you have more bandwidth you will be able to do your work at super fast speed with this amazing browser.


It provides you extra security services while surfing internet browsing. It keeps an eye on your activity like if you have downloaded any file or software, this browser will keep checking if there are any malicious threats or malware attach to your requested file from the internet.

Delete search history

It allows you to delete all search history from your device like cookies, caches, save passwords, and history, You can use the anonymous mode of this browser to restrain hackers from any possible way.

Quick access

It allows you to quickly access to find out any website from the main page.

Night mode and fullscreen


Enabling night mode will save the power of your device. It gives you night mode and a full-screen option any time on every page. By activating the night mode it will reduce the brightness to save your eyesight from any eyestrain or damages.



Unwanted ads will irritate you when you are doing your important work and they keep coming on your screen. Yolo Browser provides you ad-blocking feature in which you can disable ads to watch video, movie, news also plays games without any ads. The rest of the other browsers will not give you this ad-blocking feature.

Fast Speed

This browser runs very fast and swiftly in your device. The lightweight version requires no more space and load time so whenever you open this browser it will load quickly and you will be able to start working or enjoy internet browsing at relatively fast speed than other browsers.

Download Manager


Yolo Browser works as a download manager where you can restart your downloads from where you left like videos, movies, games, music, and much more by just one click.  It keeps your device secure during downloading.

Color theme

It offers you multiple colors list from which you can choose and personalize the color theme.

Support media

It supports the media format such as MP4, 3GP, MP3, PNG, JPEG, and many more.

To know more about Yolo Browser

Yolo Browser comes in different versions so you can download the version of your choice varying from the mini version as well as the pro version. If you want to install Yolo Browser for PC, then it will take 100 MB of capacity on your device.

Now, I will provide you a full guide on how to download Yolo Browser for PC.

How to install Yolo Browser for PC

You can download the Yolo Browser by using any Android emulator which is more suitable for you. So, the best available Android emulator is BlueStacks from which you can download Yolo Browser for PC easily. First, you have to download BlueStacks. After that you are free to download any of your favorite apps through BlueStacks.

Just follow the given simple steps to download BlueStacks.

How to download BlueStacks

First step

You can download BlueStacks from its official web site by just one click on the mentioned link “BlueStacks.Com“.


Second step

After you have successfully downloaded the BlueStacks, you will see the BlueStack icon on your desktop.

Third step

Double click the BlueStacks icon and after loading this emulator it will request you to sign in your active Gmail account. If you don’t have any Gmail account then make a new account to run the BlueStacks.

Fourth step

After that, it will take you next window on the play store, where you can easily download the Yolo Browser through the search bar.

How to install Yolo Browser for PC

  • Write a Yolo Browser in the search bar of the play store and click search, you will find Yolo Browser icon on your Play Store screen.
  • Click on the Yolo Browser icon, click on the “install” button which is shown on the screen to install.
  • ¬†Click agree to all the license agreement, and follow instructions.
  • The installation will start as soon as you click Install.
  • Within a few seconds, the icon will appear on your screen.
  • Now you can enjoy Yolo Browser on your PC.

Downloading Yolo Browser for PC through APK file


In any case, if “BlueStacks” is not working then you have an alternate option of “APK file” to download the Yolo browser for PC. You can easily download the APK file by clicking the above-mentioned link. This emulator works as same as BlueStacks. After downloading the APK file just follow the next steps which I have already mentioned in BlueStacks. You will easily download the app through the APK file emulator. Once you have completed all the steps required for the Yolo Browser installation.

  • Open the Yolo Browser.
  • Start using the app.

I hope this article will help you to understand the features of this app in a better way.

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