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YouTube is the most famous and well-known website to watch Videos, Songs, Cartoons, TV shows and a variety of videos of your own choice. YouTube even offers its users to run their own channel so its the utmost desire of every individual to a corporate company to have their own channel on YouTube because this website has the most viewership in the world of internet. If you want to be famous YouTube sets the stage for you. In this article you will learn how to install-YouTube for PC.

On YouTube, you can watch endless channels ranging from entertainment, news, cooking, makeup and many more channels from all over the world. Most of the students can get classes online through this channel and learn a lot of new things in different manners at staying in their homes. Moreover, it gives everyone a platform where they can easily earn money through viewership of their uploaded videos.

How-to-install-YouTube- for- PC


YouTube is like a sea where it has so much to offer for downloaders. You can download and instantly share different videos and even whole playlists with anyone.  Also, it provides you an amazing platform where you can show and prove your talent by just uploading your short movies, videos and events. The convenience of use like download and upload is another best feature of this app. To fully utilize all of its features install YouTube for PC for the PC/WINDOWS users.

Benefits of YouTube for PC


Free video converter

YouTube provides another best feature in which we can convert the video format of different videos to MP4, MKV, AVI and WMV.

Live streaming

It provides you live streaming to their users across the world. We can watch different matches, ceremonial activities live on the YouTube app.

Audio library

YouTube is an amazing platform where you can get an audio library and can have access to this managed library from across the world and can enjoy it wherever you are.

Video programming

Video programming is something that helps you edit and compile videos for movies, short films, dramas, movies and much more for entertainment. The best video clip doesn’t mean just recording but the best video programming to edit for presentation. It filters out the noise to produce crystal clear audio and video.

HD and UHD quality

HD (High Definition) and UHD (Ultra High Definition) quality videos are also available on the YouTube platform. Watching HD quality means you are looking at a resolution of 720p which is in the dimension of 1280*720 pixels. Talking about UHD video clips provides a resolution of 3840*2160 pixels.

YouTube studio

YouTube Studio helps you to improve your content step by step. You can design your own content and how it will be looked at to the audience and the resources required to run your channel. Feedback and response to your audience add more to the flavor of success.

Improve comment management

Feedback to the users brings their satisfaction and confidence in the application they are using. The developer team of YouTube is exactly doing this by focusing its management system to work smoothly in order to reply appropriately to the posted comments.

 Automatic Captioning

Caption plays a vital role to make your content accessible to the world because unless and until you don’t define your work in an appropriate way, no one would be able to find it on the internet. One of the best features of YouTube is voice recognition. What it does, it simply listens to your voice and add your script as a caption to your uploaded work. You can even add and edit the captions that are being recorded via voice recognition.

Attract your fans

To attract your targeted audience, you need to have a resourceful content which you can upload on YouTube app. The better the content more would be the viewership.

Make money

It’s a platform that provides you to earn money through YouTube Ads by uploading videos as paid content.

40 and 60 frames per second and playback

YouTube offers 40 and 60 frames per second to some channels and enhances for best viewing on every device. It offers you the best quality to its end users.


All the viewers can follow their favorite channels which they love to watch by clicking on the bell icon. Once you have subscribed to your favorite channel the viewers will receive the notification from the channel every time whenever they upload a new video to their channel.

The steps of how to install YouTube for PC are discussed below.

How to install YouTube for PC

All of you who want to download YouTube in your PC or desktop need to visit using google chrome and write in search bar an Android emulator from which you can easily download your favorite app in few minutes. Here you must follow the following steps on how to download an Android emulator on your PC.

What are the Android emulators?

The following are the Android emulator from which you can easily download your favorite apps in a few seconds and totally free of cost. Moreover, you can enjoy your favorite apps after downloading through an Android emulator.

  1.  BlueStacks
  2. APK pure
  3. XePlayer
  4. NOX
  5. DROID4x

These are the fastest emulator from which you can easily download any app for PC/WINDOWS.

How to install YouTube for PC through BlueStacks

Bluestacks is the fastest to download the app and easy to use. It allows its users to run their favorite apps and games through it. First, learn how to install BlueStacks for PC in few steps which are given below.

How to install BlueStacks for PC

  • First, go to google chrome and open it.
  • Write “BlueStacks” in the search bar press enter button from your PC.
  • You will find different links to download “BlueStack” available on the web. Click ““.


  • BlueStacks will open in a new window of your PC
  • Now click on BlueStacks for downloading.
  • You have another and easy option to install the BlueStacks just click on the link “BlueStacks” which shows you on screen.
  • Now BlueStacks downloading will start.
  • After completing the process of BlueStacks downloading, it will ask a google account to run this app.
  • Provide your ID/User name and password in the given column which shows you on screen.
  • After following the above-mentioned steps, you are free to enjoy the play store and can download the app for your PC/window.


Now using BlueStacks, you are free to download your favorite YouTube app.

 How to install YouTube for PC through BlueStacks
  1. Now you write YouTube in the search bar of the play store
  2. You will need to click the YouTube icon that displays on your screen.
  3. You will see the “install” button on the right side of the window.


  1. Now YouTube app is installed on your PC.
  2. Now you can enjoy the YouTube app on your PC and can watch the entertainment of your choice from all over the world.

How to install YouTube for PC from APK file

  • You can also install YouTube from APK file using google chrome.  Write the APK file in the search bar and click on it to start the downloading process.
  • Furthermore, just click on the given link  “APK” which is shown to you on the screen
  • Click on the given link and open it.
  • After completing the process of APK file downloading, it will ask a google account to run this app.
  • Then it will take you to the play store.
  • Now you can download the YouTube app and any other app from APK file easily.

The further procedure to install YouTube is the same as BlueStacks, which I have already discussed in the BlueStacks section.

How to install YouTube for PC through Xeplayer

Xeplayer is much faster than the BlueStacks and APK pure. You can easily download YouTube and different apps through Xeplayer within seconds. Download Xeplayer from google chrome as discussed in BlueStacks and APK pure section. You can download “Xeplayer” by clicking the available download links. Once you get Xeplayer on your computer you can go to play store to install YouTube in your PC and enjoy the unlimited features of this app.

How to install YouTube for PC through DROID4x

DROID4x is the fastest emulator among all the other available emulators. You will download DROID4x from google chrome as discussed earlier in BlueStacks and APK pure section. Also you can install it just by one click on the mentioned link “DROID4x” Once Droid4x is installed on your PC, it will take you to the play store directly to install YouTube.

How to install YouTube for PC through NOX file

NOX  file is just like BlueStacks from which you can easily download YouTube and different apps. Download NOX file from google chrome as discussed earlier. Also you can download it from the mentioned link” NOX file“.  After that, it will take you to the play store to install YouTube.


YouTube app is one of the most trendy apps available for video sharing. Not just, it provides you a platform where you can upload or download videos but you can have your own channels. YouTube app provides you HD Quality streaming. You can also earn money for the content you upload on YouTube.

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