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Entertainment and human race go in parallel and it changes with time. In a fast-paced life entertainment becomes happiness when it comes free of cost. If you are looking for an entertainment application that downloads or runs your favorite movies to seasonal episodes, music albums to TV shows, kid’s infotainment trending videos you will need to get the Vidmix app. Firstly, you have to install Vidmix for PC, then you will get the benefits regarding this app. Most importantly, it has the ability to run or download videos from all well-known websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

Features of Vidmix for PC

Some useful features of the Vidmix app are given below.

Free to use

Hence, this app is very easy and free of cost to use so you can watch and download any refreshing content of your choice at any time by using this app.


Entertainment is all about relaxing your mind therefore, you can watch movies, videos,


TV shows and much more stuff which is related to the entertainment world. Downloading is another feature that comes with the package of online streaming.

Coin reward

Alternatively, you can win the coins as a reward while watching videos and movies. Vidmix also gives you free coins when you download this application from the play store for the first time.

Cash the coin

When you watch the videos, you will receive points through the Vidmix app, which you can easily convert into cash or you can deposit that money into your bank account. Vidmix is currently offering “Cash the Coin” facility only in India therefore, you can enjoy this version of coin reward only in India.

No limits

You can watch and enjoy your favorite programs via Vidmix for as long as you want or for as many times as you want, without getting into any limitations restrictions. After installing Vidmix for PC you will be able to avail all the best features of this entertaining app.

Access to download

Whenever you want to watch the videos, TV Serials, movies and much more entertainment kinds of stuff Vidmix for PC is the application to look for. Moreover, it also enables us to download media within no time depending on your required file.

Support platform

Vidmix supports all kinds of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many other video hosting platforms. You can enjoy your access to all these social media tycoons without any issue or problem.

Convert video into the audio

Many other applications that claim an entertainment application doesn’t have the capability to convert video format into audio. However, Vidmix for PC gives a huge benefit to their users, which enables them to convert YouTube videos directly to MP3 or MP4 format. You can have downloaded your file according to your plans.

Intelligent clipboard detection

Vidmix gives you “intelligent clipboard detection” from which you can easily copy the link through any multimedia file and download it immediately.

Crystal clear picture

This app gives you an ultra finish or crystal clear picture of videos so you can enjoy more. It also provides you to download 8K Video formats. It is the major feature of Vidmix which supports crystal clear videos by doing complex calculations within no time. There is no other app that offers you to download  8K videos free of cost.

Trendy videos

Moreover, this app provides you trendy videos and music that is enjoyed by everyone else from all over the world. Therefore, this app becomes the footstep of your updated individual.

Speed of downloading

The speed of downloading the videos, movies, talk shows and much more is unimaginable. Your download speed varies according to your network connection but it gives you much higher speed than all other apps.

Variety of sites

You can easily access more than 2000 websites using the Vidmix app. There are not many apps that can integrate into this huge number, hence Vidmix stands alone in this competition. Vidmix allows you to download any kind of videos, music and entertainment material from a variety of sites which makes it the best in the business.


Vidmix is available in a variety of languages from which you can easily watch your favorite videos, movies, music or much more. So, the users of this app can easily watch their favorite movies or videos in their native language, for example, Tamil, Talaga, Hindi, Arabic, English, Urdu, Punjabi and other local languages are spoken in India.

Safe for your device

Downloading different apps may bring viruses to your PC, Mobile or gadget. However, this app is the safest and tested app which will not harm your device. If you downloaded this app from an authentic website it keeps your device safe from all harmful viruses.


Vidmix has the ability to run and download videos from all well-known websites. HD quality of 1080 pixels online streaming makes it best among all available applications. If your internet is unavailable or slow, let Vidmix app take care of your offline data. You just sit back, watch and relax. Therefore, when you have Vidmix in your Mobile, PC or Gadget get ready to enjoy unlimited entertainment.

Here are some easy steps of how to install vidmix for PC.

How to install Vidmix for PC

Here, we will tell you how to install Vidmix for PC. First, you have to download BlueStacks from google. BlueStacks provide you a platform to install or run your favorite app or games for PC.

How to download BlueStacks for PC

1: Open Google Chrome from your PC.

2: Write download “” in the search bar of Google.


3: Then press the “Enter” key from your keyboard.

4: Click on “download”.

5: This will take you the download page, where it starts downloading.

6: After the completion of downloading of “BlueStacks”, go to the folder where you download your file to run BlueStacks for the first time.

7: When you double click the BlueStacks icon for the first time, it will ask the User name or password from your Google account to “Sign in”.

8: After successful login to an account, you will find yourself on the home screen of the “BlueStacks” player.

9: Lastly, now “BlueStacks player” will help you to install the apps and games for your PC easily.

Follow a few more steps of how to download Vidmix app via BlueStacks for PC, which is given below,

How to install Vidmix for PC?


  • Go to your home screen of PC and find the “BlueStacks app”.
  • Once you find the BlueStacks, click this app to open it.
  • When BlueStacks is loaded and running on your PC, Write Vidmix in the search bar.
  • Now you find Vidmix on the player, click on the install button for installation.
  • It will take a very short period of time for installation.
  • After the successful installation of Vidmix, you can enjoy your favorite music, videos, talk shows and much more in different Qualities of your choice.

To download your favorite content, follow the instructions given below.

How to download movies from Vidmix app

  1. Click on the Vidmix app to open.
  2. Once the app opens, write in the search bar the name of the movie, drama, talk show or whatever you want to watch.
  3. After finding your favorite item, look for the downloading option.
  4. The downloading arrow will be shown on your right side of the PC.
  5. If you don’t want to download the content, Vidmix will give you an option to watch it online or offline.
  6. This app supports resolutions of different formats like 360p, 450p, 1080p and HD.
  7. You can even add the copied link of your favorite clip, movie, video or any website to download media in Vidmix.
  8. Because Vidmix supports high speed downloading so all your files will be downloaded in no time.
  9. Enjoy the unlimited features of Vidmix anytime, anywhere at any place.


Vidmix app is a benchmark for downloading multimedia files to your System, Mobile or another electronic device. You can download or run your favorite programs using this application. It is easy to use, adds-free interface, no age limit restrictions and user-friendly GUI. High-Quality video clips require a system that can handle the complex chemistry of Video formats, resolutions and coding. Vidmix is the one app that offers this feature. You can watch HD quality format videos without any issues like a crash of app because this is what Vidmix is designed for. So, when you are looking for entertainment online or offline, Vidmix is the choice to be made.








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